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Previously in our Headlines. . .

Yellow dirt road to Ventas de Narón

Yellow dirt (not brick) road


The latest entries by Fr. Stephen have our pilgrims traversing the northwestern Galician region of Spain from the beginning of the last phase of the Camino in Sarria. Along the way, they made stops at Mercadoiro and Portomarín, passed through Castromaior, arriving at Ventas de Narón on the 3rd of August.

Follow our pilgrims and read about their experience of the surrounding agrarian communities and their friendly encounters with other pilgrims, a welcoming dog, and some insects on page 9 and page 10 of the Camino.

Benedictine monastery - view from the trail

Less sleep but more steps


The last phase of the Camino lies ahead of our pilgrims. Along the way are more villages–more hilly and rocky trails to traverse, not to mention other challenges. Nevertheless, consolations are not lacking and Fr. Stephen and fellow pilgrims remain grateful for the blessings the Lord continues to bestow as they journey the Camino. See the latest entry and newest photos on page 9.


Nogales to Triacastela–how long?


Fr. Stephen arrived in Nogales with fellow pilgrims, Deacon Peter and Deacon Ron. Their goal this time is to reach Triacastela from Nogales.

They meet other pilgrims along the way – men, women, young and old. Read about some of these pilgrim encounters and see the latest photos from July 31 on page 8 of the Camino.

Pilgrims Cross near Astorga

Tedium and Grace


Our weary road warrior remains a staunch prayer warrior. Fr. Stephen and fellow pilgrims make it on foot to Astorga. There, they plan for the best strategy to take on the last stage of their pilgrimage. They have to reach Santiago de Compostela on August 9 but they have more kilometers ahead than they can trek in the remaining time. So, a good strategy is essential. To learn more about how things are going on the Camino, visit page 8 and read Fr. Stephen's latest entry with new photos.

Villar de Mazarife

25km Farther on Foot


Our Provincial and his fellow pilgrims left the city of León on the 29th, walking the 25km (15.53 miles) distance to Villar de Mazarife, a small village in the autonomous region of Castile and León.

Find out who they meet along the way on page 7 of the Camino.

Leon Cathedral exterior

How many stops to Leon?


Over the weekend, while we may have been resting, running errands, or doing house chores, Fr. Stephen and his fellow pilgrims finally reached Leon. Not counting the many short stops between the major stops, it took one major stop forward, one major stop back, and one longer major stop forward to get there.

Find out what it took for our pilgrims to make it to Leon without losing more time – read the latest entries from the Camino and view new photos of the sights along The Way.

San Esteban church in Burgos

Sleepless in Burgos


Not exactly none the worse for wear, our pilgrims reached Castrojeriz yesterday. Seeking advice about the best route to take them more quickly to their destination, they were advised to go… where???

Find out what new challenges our Provincial and his fellow pilgrims face on page 6 of Camino de Santiago.

Monument to El Cid in Burgos

Camino de Santiago–New page and Table of Contents


We received more entries and photos this morning from Fr. Stephen, coming at the heels of those received yesterday. They can be found on page 5 of the Camino de Santiago.

Our Provincial snatches whatever opportunity he can to send us entries and photos–despite the arduous character of the journey, battling hunger and thirst, enduring aches and pains and fatigue, and whatever vicissitudes of the pilgrim's way.

Onward still, our pilgrims go–making time for prayer wherever The Way takes them.

To make it easier for you to navigate the pages, we added a Table of Contents near the top of every Camino de Santiago page. Please visit often to check out the latest.


The 'Uneasy' Way


Today is the feast of St. James whose shrine at Compostela is the destination of many pilgrims, our Provincial among them.

As the Camino continues to present challenges, our stalwart pilgrims plow on faithfully.

Visit page 3 of Camino de Santiago – read the latest accounts of our pilgrims' progress and view the newest photos from Fr. Stephen.

Please continue to pray for Fr. Stephen and his companions. St. James, pray for us and all pilgrims!

Update: 1) Photo of what Fr. Stephen refers to as 'Our Lady of the Pyrenees' is now on the Camino de Santiago's main page, 2) Even more photos and entries on page 4 of Camino de Santiago have been added! 3) Erratum: the entry for July 22nd which was previously posted on a wrong date has been corrected. Forgive the error–the text was received undated and got confused for a different date.

Pilgrims on The Way

Pilgrims on The Way


We have more from Fr. Stephen as he and his fellow pilgrims journey on The Way.

More photos have been added to his July 17th entry. His entry for July 18th and accompanying photos can also be found on page 2 of Camino de Santiago.

Pilgrims on Alto de Erro

The Latest from Camino de Santiago


Fr. Stephen had sent us a burst of photos and more accounts of his pilgrimage. Among them are more photos taken on July 16th and his entry and more photos for the 17th.

There are more photos and entries to come, so make sure to check here for new entries.

Gentle Breezes - Summer 2018

Gentle Breezes


The Summer issue of our Province's newsletter, is now available. Please visit the Gentle Breezes page.

For older news items, visit the News Archive.
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