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General Chapter - Monday, May 4

          The theme of the Chapter, which may become the title of the capitular document, is "Es tiempo de caminar"--or "It is time to walk," a phrase taken from The Interior Castle (see Dwelling Places 4, Chapter 3, Paragraph 2). Well, that's appropriate: 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . walk.          Yes, it is time
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General Chapter - Sunday, May 3

          The Chapter began this evening, a day late, but not a dollar (or 0.83 euro) short. All had arrived, about 100 in all, from all parts of the globe--India (quite a few), the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Africa (east, west, north, south), and even 2 from Texas, to name a few. Assigned rooms, and having unpacked and settled in for the long
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Poem for Holy Saturday

Here is a poem based on the picture below. We usually read it in Community on Holy Saturday.Behold your MotherBy M. Teresa Margaret (foundress of the Lafayette Carmel)Mother of Sorrows, Mother of CompassionMother of Light-creating Serenity!            Vessel of muted grief, influencing her    slight frame into limp linen sinking to the ground—   
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Holy Thursday and Mandatum

Photo from Master of the Housebook (fl. between 1475 and 1500) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsLast year we put together these different quotes from Our Holy Mother, St. Teresa’s works to use for the Mandatum in Community during this Centenary Year (see attached document).COMMUNITY MANDATUMIN THE LIGHT OF OUR HOLY MOTHER, ST. TERESA OF JESUS ~ "Your attitude should be like that of
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Epiphany Sunday - Homily 2015

Epiphany Sunday ABC - Homily 2015 Marylake  Novitiate  by  Sam  Anthony  Morello,  OCDDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ ~Today we celebrate the oldest and the original Christmas Feast, the Epiphany, meaning the Manifestation of the Lord. With the help of the fine German historian of the liturgy, Adolf Adam, I want in you hearing to look at the origins of the Feast of
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