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Solemnity of Christ the King

1st Reading: Daniel 7:13­14

Resp.: Psalm 93:1, 1­2, 5 (1a)
2nd Reading: Revelation 1:5­8
Gospel: John 18:33b­37

The inscription on the top of the Cross on Calvary said Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum ­ Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. It was written in the three known world languages of the time. There was no mistaking this. The Pharisees complained but Pilate stood firm. Despite the protests of the world, the truth manages to be known. All that is hidden will be shouted from the rooftops one day.

Jesus said that he was born to testify to the truth, but we unfortunately do not always like hearing the truth, unless of course its about someone else. But the truth shall set us free. This is why children tend to confess when they've done something wrong. We were not made to hold on to our sinful actions in secret. We have a psychological need to confess, hence the Sacrament.

God's Kingdom is being established. We can thwart its progress to a degree with our sins but we cannot stop it. Christ has already won the battle and the devil is defeated. We know Who will reign victorious in the end. May God give us the strength to let Him bring us into His Kingdom. Long Live Christ the King!

Written by Fr. Jim Curiel, OCD

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