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Joint Jubilee Mass of Religious Profession

At Mt. Carmel Center in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, Fr. Jenaro de la Cruz from Burgos, Spain, celebrated his 60th anniversary of profession, and Fr. Sam Anthony Morello of the Sacred Heart, his 65th of profession. Fr. Jenaro opted to speak briefly a er the Communion silence; Fr. Sam Anthony spoke after the Gospel reading. The following is a summary of Fr. Sam Anthony's Reflections,
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General Chapter - Wednesday, May 20

          Once again I'm a day late with these blog posts, as if any of you are losing sleep over the fact. But, while I hope you've been sleeping soundly, I myself have been losing some sleep. And I am not the only one. A number of friars have said as much, that they've had trouble sleeping.           The
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General Chapter - Tuesday, May 5

          I have yet to adjust to the time change here, which is a 7-hour difference. Thus, I want to sleep in the day and wake at night, like Dracula himself. But this morning the General gave his report to the Chapter, his "State of the Order Report." And though my mind drifted on occasion, and the General's voice sounded every now and then like distant
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Abbey Youth Fest 2014

On the weekend of March 22nd I traveled to Covington, Louisiana to participate in and do vocational promotion at the Abbey Youth Fest. This event is organized every year by the Benedictine monks of St. Josephʼs Abbey. It draws many young people from different parts of the nation come together to celebrate the joy of following Christ in his Church. Those who attend can enjoy awesome live Christian
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