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Nuestra Señora la Santísima Virgen María

      En estos días de Adviento la Iglesia entra en un tiempo de espera orante por la llegada de Jesús, en compañía de la Santísima Virgen.  La Palabra de Dios nos presenta a María desde varias perspectivas.  Una de ellas es como la morada del Dios vivo. Leemos en el Segundo libro de Samuel: “David reunió una vez más a los selectos
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General Chapter - Monday, May 4

          The theme of the Chapter, which may become the title of the capitular document, is "Es tiempo de caminar"--or "It is time to walk," a phrase taken from The Interior Castle (see Dwelling Places 4, Chapter 3, Paragraph 2). Well, that's appropriate: 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . walk.          Yes, it is time
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Epiphany Sunday - Homily 2015

Epiphany Sunday ABC - Homily 2015 Marylake  Novitiate  by  Sam  Anthony  Morello,  OCDDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ ~Today we celebrate the oldest and the original Christmas Feast, the Epiphany, meaning the Manifestation of the Lord. With the help of the fine German historian of the liturgy, Adolf Adam, I want in you hearing to look at the origins of the Feast of
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Lenten Meditations with St. Teresa of Avila at Little Flower Basilica, San Antonio

From Monday March 31st to Friday April 4th the Discalced Carmelite Friars of our San Antonio community gave the parishioners of Little Flower Church a series of lenten meditations based on St. Teresa’s writings. These were offered both in English and Spanish and were well attended by a group of some of our enthusiastic parishioners. The Pastor, Fr. Luis G. Belmonte chose different and very evocative
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St. Teresa and the Eucharist

In St. Teresa’s life, writings and doctrine the Eucharist stands at the very center. That is the font where she quenches her thirst for the living water that gushes forth from the heart of Christ. We find in her a vivid doctrinal and experiential testimony to the eucharistic mystery which is the source and summit of our faith. She bears witness not only of the dogmas of faith regarding the Eucharist
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