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On Marian Visions

May 24, 2020
As we continue to honor Mary in this month of May I would like share a few words on Marian apparitions or visions[1], a topic I mentioned in my last reflection. I had explained how the relationship of us Carmelites to Our Lady is founded on Sacred Scripture and the Church's teachings more than on these extraordinary phenomena. In this we attempt to live a life similar to hers, which was led by the
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Joint Jubilee Mass of Religious Profession

Nov 30, 2018
At Mt. Carmel Center in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, Fr. Jenaro de la Cruz from Burgos, Spain, celebrated his 60th anniversary of profession, and Fr. Sam Anthony Morello of the Sacred Heart, his 65th of profession. Fr. Jenaro opted to speak briefly a er the Communion silence; Fr. Sam Anthony spoke after the Gospel reading. The following is a summary of Fr. Sam Anthony's Reflections,
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The Year of Consecrated Life

Apr 16, 2016
Last fall when we learned that contemplatives were also invited to participate in a special program of activities organized by CIVCSVA for the conclusion of the Closing of the Year of Consecrated Life on the 2nd of February 2016, to the great surprise of contemplative nuns, we were invited to participate! In Rome! Each Federation or Association was invited to send their President and a companion
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Only God Can Make a Tree

Jun 19, 2015
        If you look out the window of the guest quarters at the Jackson Carmel--in Jackson, MS, that is, in case you're wondering--you'll see standing there on the lawn in front of you a truly magnificent oak tree, assuredly ancient, although quite well preserved, a breathlessly beautiful creature, if ever there was one.  Massive in height and width, it spreads
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General Chapter - Saturday, May 16

May 18, 2015
          I suspect that some of you back home who, from time to time, are checking in on this blog are members of the Secular Order--and maybe even, on top of that, happily, proudly Seculars of my own humble province of Oklahoma. Therefore, you are among those who have the privilege, although you might not think of it that way, of knowing me as your Provincial
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General Chapter - Tuesday, May 5

May 07, 2015
          I have yet to adjust to the time change here, which is a 7-hour difference. Thus, I want to sleep in the day and wake at night, like Dracula himself. But this morning the General gave his report to the Chapter, his "State of the Order Report." And though my mind drifted on occasion, and the General's voice sounded every now and then like distant
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OCDS Regional Congress in Atlanta

Sep 09, 2014
Written by Fr. Bonaventure Sauer, OCD  From Thursday, August 21, through Sunday, August 24, of this year, our Province hosted an OCDS—or Discalced Carmelite Secular Order—Congress in Atlanta, GA. A little over 200 Seculars from mostly our Province, but also from elsewhere in the country, attended. We hope in time to post a write up on the Congress. For now, to whet your appetite, here
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XXIX Provincial Chapter

Jun 14, 2014
Written by Fr. Jorge Cabrera, OCDFrom May 26 to June 6, 2014 we, the Discalced Carmelite Friars of the Oklahoma Province of St. Thérèse, had our 29th Provincial Chapter in our monastery in Oklahoma City. It was a time of grace in which we prayed, reflected, and worked as a community, examining our life and vocation in order to better respond to the call of God in our present circumstances.    
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Altar Servers Appreciation Day – Little Flower Basilica

May 23, 2014
 Written by Fr. Jorge Cabrera, OCDOn Sunday May 18, our Pastor and Superior––Fr. Luis Gerardo Belmonte, and Fr. Gregory Ross––our Vocations Director, offered the altar servers of Little Flower Basilica a well deserved recognition for the wonderful service they have provided in our liturgies, particularly during this past Holy Week. All the servers were invited to
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