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Something Old, Something New - Part 2

    (3) This next is upon noticing the sun's rays striking a shiny box in the kitchen:

    Moments like these,
    Illuminated by peace,
    Make life worth living
    And inspire giving
    Their fruits to those we meet.

    It is the Holy Spirit who does convey
    His way that supersedes,
    Who does transform what we
    Might otherwise treat as ordinary.

    For to see the ordinary shimmer
    With a glimmer of His glory
    Is to again meet our God with us.

    Oh, Immanuel, let me lift my eyes to You!
    Only then can I see the way that is true.

    (4) Another time, I noticed a verse from Proverbs that extols Wisdom—somewhere in chapter 8, I believe, I don't remember exactly where.  It reads:  "For those who find me, find life..."
    Upon the heels of that, what came to mind was:

    Life issues from Wisdom.
    Wisdom entails obedience.
    Real obedience is QUIET, and freely given.
    The essence of its deepest secret
    Is hidden in the crucifixion.

    So this past month, January, "quiet," "silence," "whisper," that overall theme has been prominent.  It is "quiet," in the sense of "real obedience."  And I believe that the root word for "obedience" is tied to "listening."
    Quietness of soul...not just lack of stirring noise, but something impossible to adequately express in words...It is homogenous, simple, filial, resting...PRESENT.
    “In the beginning was the Word…He was PRESENT to God in the beginning…Of his fullness we have all had a share, love following upon love” (John 1:1, 2, 16).

Written by A Listening Heart
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